Shandong Chnegwu Yixin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.


About Us

Established in 2014, Shandong Chengwu Yixin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. Now, our company is located in the Chemical Industry Park of Chengwu County of Heze City in Shandong Province, with a total area of 80,040 square meters; situated in the "13rd Five-Year Plan" and "Two Districts, One Circle and One Belt" regional development plan in Shandong Province, we are mainly engaged in three business sectors currently:

Ⅰ. Environment-friendly plasticizer. Mainly engaged in the technological development, production and sales of dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP). This product is our company's basic business and is widely used in PVC soft plastic products such as cable materials, leather, children's toys, plastic gloves, car interiors, etc., with a wide range of applications, great market potential and broad development prospects;

Ⅱ. Feed additives. Mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of tributyrin, monobutyrin, potassium diformate and benzoic acid, etc. As a substitute product of mainstream animal antibiotics, this product is mainly used in feed, premix and feed additives, etc. With the strong advancement of China's policy of prohibiting the use of antibiotics in animal feed, this products has great potential development of market and high profitability;

Ⅲ. High-end chemical new materials, including high abundance nuclear grade B-10 acid and high purity 11BF3,11BCI3 Electronic grade special gas. The technology and quality of this product has reached the international and domestic leading level. Main application areas:

①B-10 acid is used in nuclear industry, national defense industry, medical industry and scientific research, etc.;

② 11 BF 3 and 11 BCI 3 electronic special gases are used for the etching and dopant gases of integrated circuits.

Up to now, our company has formed a production capacity of 30,000 t/a of environmental plasticizer (DOTP) and 20,000 t/a of Tributyrin; the design capacity of B-10 acid is 40 t/a, and the design capacity of high purity 11 BF 3 and 11 BCL 3 is 100 t/a.

Since establishment, our company has attached great importance to scientific research and development, insisted on innovative development and new technology; up to now, we have controlled a large number of independent intellectual property rights in the fields of new technologies and new materials, and continuously accelerated the independent research and development and scientific research innovation of our company. Now, we not only have the title of national high-tech enterprise, but also have the certifications of three systems, including occupational health and safety management system certification, international environmental management system certification, and international quality management system certification. In 2018, our plasticizer DOTP was awarded the title of "China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Product"; in 2019, our company was awarded the title of "Specialized, Precise and Special New " SME in Shandong Province; in 2020, our company was awarded the title of "Province-level Enterprise Technology Center".

Adhering to the development philosophy of "advocating science, people-oriented, harmonious and win-win, and dedicated to society", our company has created a team of high-quality talents with high knowledge level, strong business level and rich experience. At the same time, we optimize and upgrade the process plan continuously through cooperation with major university research institutes. Through upgrading our existing plasticizer products, we make the product quality more stable, increase the yield, save energy and reduce consumption. At present, our company is the only domestic enterprise that adopts continuous distillation technology. In addition, our company brings together domestic industry technical elites to develop and upgrade the process technology of the boron isotope series of new materials. After years of project research, we have successfully developed high-abundance nuclear-grade B-10 acid, high-purity 11 BF 3 and high-purity 11 BCL 3 ; its unique production technology has filled the gap of China for 11 BCL 3 electronic grade special gas 5N (99.9995 %) above, and then our company ranks among the top three in the national boron isotope industry. The project with an annual output of 40 tons of high-abundance nuclear-grade B-10 acid and 100 to/a of high-purity 11 BCL 3 electronic grade special gas new material has been approved as a key construction project in Shandong Province in 2020, and has been selected into the high-end chemical new material project Library in Shandong Province.

As a fast-growing company, our company has always been committed to becoming a leader in the industry; we firmly grasp international and domestic market trends, and actively adjust business strategies, give full play to resource advantages, and continuously expand business scope. Through the accumulation of own experience and the unremitting pursuit and improvement of the future, we will serve customers with safer, environment-friendly, healthy and efficient products to achieve brand sublimation and sustainable corporate development. Aiming for mutual benefit, let's work together to create a brilliant future for the company!